Arch. Dario Paini


Dario Paini complete its professional education at the PhD between the Politecnico of Milan and the DTU of Lyngby (DK), with a thesis on the acoustics of squares (agorà acoustics), and specializes in the acoustic and architectural design of environments dedicated to music (recording studios / production, mix, mastering, etc.), concert halls, churches, etc.

The first real assignment arrived 10 years ago from Pino Pischetola, one of the well-known sound technician in Italy, for its Studios Pinaxa. “He said he wanted a studio that doesn’t look like a studio but a living room, because musicians have to feel at home. So you’ll listen as the people that will buy that disc. Less surgical but more realistic listening. Lesson that I have always carried with me”- Said Dario Paini in an interview.

What: designing the space for the sound
Goals: acoustic comfort through the control of sound insulation + acoustic and visual treatments
•    Architectural Acoustics /// recording studios, home theaters (ht), cinemas, concert halls, theatres, conference halls, restaurants, gymnasiums, public squares, …everything which requires a special acoustic comfort.
•    Building Acoustics /// noise & façade insulation, impact sound, noise control
•    Environmental Acoustics /// noise impacts

Worked for /// architects
NEMESI Studio / Fosters + Partners / Mario Botta / Cibic & Partners / Davide Macullo Architects / Hosoya + Schaefer Architects / Lissoni Associati / Camerana & Partners / LCA / etc.

Worked for /// musicians-producers-sound engineers
Ivan Segreto / Pino “Pinaxa” Pischetola / Michele Canova Iorfida
/ Lorenzo “Jovanotti” Cherubini / Eros Ramazzotti / Angelo Branduardi / Luciano Ligabue / Claudio Guidetti / Gianna Nannini / Gabriele D’Amora (Soerba) / Simone Bertolotti, Davide “Tallia” Tagliapietra / Fonoprint (Bologna), Pietro Caramelli, Fausto Cogliati, J-Ax, Fedez, etc.

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